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The Longest Night - Virtual Prayer Labyrinth

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The Longest Night

Today is the Winter Solstice – the longest night of the year. There is more darkness on this day than any other day. This season can often be difficult for many reasons – we are grieving the loss of loved ones, the feeling of loneliness, difficult circumstances, and pain. Yet as Christians, we know the promise of hope that is Jesus, the coming light! This evening, as you reflect on the year, the losses and struggles, we pray this virtual prayer labyrinth may be a blessing to you as you meditate on light and life found through Jesus.

For the best experience, we suggest watching the video this evening in a comfortable, quiet, dimly-lit setting. Be prepared to pause the video at the end of the readings for prayer and meditation.  If you so desire, have a candle ready to light to remember the loss of someone or something from this year.