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Let's Take a Virtual Mission Trip!

Posted by Ted Moeller on

  The Covid-19 pandemic has thrown a monkey wrench in so many plans. Weddings and funerals are postponed, school graduations and openings deferred, large social gatherings (concerts, sports, political rallies) prohibited, and church has been forced to go online. It’s so frustrating. I know a lot of people who have had to cancel their travel plans. It’s summer vacation, but we’re stuck at home. Yet another thing the corona virus has thrust upon us.

     Since we can’t go very far physically, how about embarking on a virtual mission trip to Guatemala? Child Beyond International (CBI), a mission organization based in Hood River that has established and administers a children’s home in Guatemala for abandoned, abused, and neglected orphans, is offering us the opportunity to experience the work going on down there—without leaving our home! Consider this your invitation to take a week-long virtual mission trip with others from Good Shepherd that includes daily prayers, video links about the country and its people, fun and thought-provoking challenges, live interaction with in-country staff, and action items for team members to really experience Guatemala.

     Back in 2018, we sent a team to Guatemala to build a house and interact with the orphans at the hogar. [See photo above.] We hope to organize another such trip in the future; but in the meantime, this incredible opportunity to “visit” the country and share in the success of “lifting children to life” is a way to open our eyes and our hearts to God’s work among those people. I was there in 2017, and was captivated by the natural beauty of its volcanoes, lakes, and jungles (Okay, I didn’t do anything in the jungle!), but it was the people, whose love for their country and even for gringos like me that blew me away.

So, here are the details.  Vaya con Dios.
       DATES:  August 9-16
       PLACE:  Your own home
       COST:  $25 (which includes a T-shirt and a Mayan
       take-out meal)
       REGISTER:  Email me –