Digging Deeper Responses


Digging Deeper Responses

We're grateful for the connections we've had with all of you through online sermons, limited in-person worship, Zoom bible studies, Sunday School and more!

So grateful, in fact, that we'd like to open another avenue to create connections. Each week, Pastor Ted will include a few questions that you can choose to ponder individually, with your household or maybe with a friend (over the phone or a FaceTime call?)

But we'd also love to hear some of those thoughts and responses to your questions! Below you'll find the questions from the most recent week (they're also listed right after the sermon in the weekly sermon video) and you can use the response form below to send your replies to Pastor Ted! You can choose to include your name, or keep your replies anonymous by leaving the "name" field blank. It's up to you!

Questions from the March 7, 2021 message video:

1. Share a “God Experience” you have had. What were its effects on you?

2. Willis Wheatley is credited with drawing the original “Laughing Jesus” in 1973. Do
you ever picture Jesus laughing? How do you normally picture him?

Response Form

Digging Deeper Responses

If responding to multiple questions, please number them. Thank you!

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